Help with navigating this site

The idea behind is that it provides the viewer with a series of windows through which they can view information that is relevant to the world grain markets.

For the viewer's convenience each of these windows can be opened or closed by clicking the menu bar and/or the up/down arrows in the menu bar. That way you can fill your computer screen with just the information you want to see, and minimize individual windows when not is use.

The commodities window contains delayed futures prices from various exchanges around the world, these auto update every five minutes.

The weekly charts windows contain weekly charts for the pound/dollar, the pound/euro, crude oil and fertilizer.

The interactive charts windows contain daily customisable charts for EU and Chicago grains.

The currency rates window contains live streaming cross rates for an assortment of currencies including the pound, dollar and euro.

The currency charts window allows the you to view charts for just about every currency cross rate imaginable. To change the pairing you wish to view simplyselect from the drop down box bottom left of the pane. You can also alter the chart frequency here, or chose from a variety of other options.

The market reports pane contains market closing commentary for Liffe/Euronext and Chicago Board of Trade grains and is updated daily.

The weather maps window contains links to video weather forecasts from the BBC by region across the country.

The calendar pane is there to remind you of any important upcoming market reports or announcements that might affect the global grain markets on any given day.

The page height is set to allow you to view as much or as little information as you want, but if you find that you have information running off the bottom of the page then close some windows!